Hello, I'm a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher in Austin, Texas were I live with my beautiful family! I found yoga a few years ago while working as a salon business owner, along with being a caregiver for my 3 children. Yoga helped me to balance my busy life while restoring my mind, body, spirit. This lead to several of trips daily to the yoga studio. As days went by, I decided to learn more about yoga and what I could benefit from it, so I signed up for a Yoga teacher training class @ Blackswanyoga. What I have discovered since my first yoga class

is that my body is getting stronger, healthier and my mind is getting wiser which helps me make better choices about my life. I am so happy that I found yoga. I will always be a student of yoga and I am steady learning more and more each and everyday.I currently teach yoga classes at several studios around AUSTIN,TEXAS.  I encourage you to take your next yoga class with me.


LaTashia Mitchell